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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Not so crafty couple of weeks

I am back and, yes, a Grandmother!!  My grandson, Macallister Morgan, was born healthy and screaming his beautiful lungs out.  I knew I would be overwhelmed by his birth and I was.  But I was not prepared to be so overwhelmed by my daughter.

My little girl is made of a good solid core like the rest of the Baer women.  But she is a princess through and through.  She stubbed her toe and the whole neighborhood needed to know about it...right now. 

In preparation for her delivery, much like a bride planning a wedding...she researched and planned and plotted the perfect delivery.  Including a  duella, a strict way and time in which the cord was to be managed, a lovely handmade dressing gown for the event, and yes, at one point, plans for the placenta... you don't want to know, I promise.

As anyone who has been through it could have (and tried to) tell her - you can not plan (read control) the birth of another person. In the end my daughter labored with very little fuss and more grace than I would have thought possible. 

When Mac slipped from his mommy's body into his daddy's hands, I was so fortunate to be able to hold my baby while her body heaved with sobs of  joy so immense she couldn't even fathom it ten seconds before. When they carried Mac away for the usual clean up and stat gathering, my son-in-law stayed at her side.  Fussing over her while their baby cried on the other side of the room.  For the first time (except that bit about Swamp People you all wouldn't understand) she yelled at him.  Her face red and scrunched in the horrid way we cry she said "Go to him. Don't let him be alone."  In that instant, my baby became a mother.  And I cried with a pride deeper than I knew possible ten seconds before.

So she didn't get all of what she wanted and I got more than I expected.  But, she did get the most important part.  A beautiful, healthy baby. 

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  1. Congrats to you for the little one. This will change your life forever. Grandchildren ah ....
    I wanted to post and let you know how lovely the journaling spot that I received is. Thanks so much! BB