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Monday, June 2, 2014

Open for Business

I live in an AMAZING city... and super fortunate to live across the street from a great little BYOB place that I have loved since they day they opened their doors.  They had this sad little hand written "OPEN" sign and I told them... I am going to have to fix that...  Well, I finally did.
I watched hours and hours of mixed media canvas tutorials on YouTube - especially those from Arlene who is Butterfly Kisses on YouTube.
I have never done something so unsctructured but I LOVED using all these great little finds from my stash.  Here is the finished piece and some detail shots below.  It won't be possible for me to call out every detail... just keep looking - like an I Spy game :)
I finished it off with watered down Gesso and a variety of ink sprays to highlight different aspects of the canvas.
 Here is a bit of a crown, some filigree and a huge paper flower.
 A wooden dress form, a collage of paper flowers and metal pieces.  As I got close to finished, I realized I needed some parts undiluted with the Gesso - so this blue bling added a great sparkle

 Here is a collection of paper flowers and metal pieces and a large 'chunk' of ribbon trim.  Honestly, that is the one thing I won't do again.  It didn't adhere as well as smaller pieces, though the effect of the Gesso in the roses is kind of coo.

When I got it all done the OPEN part faded a way.  So I went over the chip board letters with a versa mark pen and very delicately added perfect pearls to give a pop

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