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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

French Country Treat Bag

So this week, a boy made dinner for me!  Long story short - once upon a time I dated a nutcase who wouldn't let me in his home.  Since then, I don't give up the good stuff until I see the house. 
So, the current gnetleman asked me - oh so tenderly.... ummmm, when?  I said, I must see your home.  This was Sunday... he made us dinner Tuesday!  LOL
I knew he went to a lot of trouble planning and cooking so I wanted to take him a little treat ( a martini shaker - he doesn't drink them, but he makes them for me.  I rightly guessed he didn't own one....he does now!)
You know I love a decked out bag for gifts, and he was no exception.
That layer of black Momma's Mesh really helps to keep it masculine, don't ya think!  And of course a little red rumple, too!

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  1. I love how you incorporated the mesh and the rumple ribbon together. so smart!