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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Key Cards #10

So, I found these lovely red #10 envelopes on sale... a package of 50!  I never I mean NEVER make cards this size, but the envelopes were like 3 cents each so I had to buy them.  And since I bought them I had to use them ...

I really like the shape and feel of these.  Then, as I was playing I hit on this 'menu card' idea.  I think these would be great to leave a note for the housekeeper, or post the grocery list - something where the actual note is just quick and won't be needed later, but I would like the presentation to be pretty.
The On the Edge rumple ribbon from Lovebug Creations is just the perfect way to hold those quick notes in place.

I like em so much I made a video!


  1. Oh how I'd love those long envelopes and what a great idea for using them with the LoveBug Creations Rumple Ribbon - super!

  2. Love these cards! The size is super fun!

  3. I would never have thought to do this and they turned out FABULOUS!!! I love these, Katie!!!

    Bug Hugs,