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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Upcycled Wine Bottle

Your Paper Pantry has a group all about wine related crafts and I am having so much fun with these. This month was a 1:1 upcycle bottle project. I started by decopdging the entire bottle with Prima’s Romance Novel collection. This paper line is so pretty and I thought it worked really well. If you haven’t done this in a while – you have to tear smaller sheets of paper for smaller areas like the neck. I also found that the Prima paper is so thick it worked better if the paper was a little damp.
Then I went back over the bottle adding a few other pieces, like a bird cage, paper buttons, a doily, some little cut outs from the paper line. This covered up some of the uglier seams, made a few focal points and broke up the paper a bit. Next I wound a great piece of braided trim from the neck to the base. I used a pretty pink crocheted flower to hide the joins. Then I used the loops in the braid to hang some beads, charms, a bird cage – hung with a trinket pin and several other things to add color, texture and interest. Finally, I added a bit of seam binding at the top with a pretty coordinating cabochon hanging from the center. Video can be seen here

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