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Friday, August 17, 2012

Missing your Granny?

I went to bed with a new book and the intent to read a bit and sleep. The book had a sweet old lady who made me think of my Granny. She was an amazing woman- a steel magnolia who never lived in the south, with the spirit of a Gypsy, to be sure. And those in the know - knew... she had a crush on Randy Travis. When we went to one (of many) of his concerts, she was tickled pink to be able to read LEVI on his back pocket. You haven't lived until you see your Granny swoon.
Any rate... I couldn't sleep so I got up with the intent to make one card and go to bed. I stumbled on this crazy image someone sent me in a swap. Being new to Copics coloring - I had put it way to the back. But tonight, I thought Granny needed some color. I had NO IDEA what sentiment to put on this gem. I wanted to put WHAT? But I didn't have any stickers sheets. So, since my Granny's birthday is only a few weeks away - that is what I went with. I realize our fearless OWH leader is not going to like this card very much. But I just know some Hero is missing his or her Granny, too... And Granny won't be the tiniest bit offended to hold a hand written card from her Hero so far from her kitchen table.
UPDATE... took the birthday sentiment off and swapped it for 'Thanks a latte' makes it easier for more folks to use ;)


  1. LOL! Hey girlie, I wouldn't not like it! If it said happy birthday granny well that's a little different. We can't guarantee who's got a granny with a birthday so we don't know who to send a specific card to like this. But we do get a lot with sentiments about coffee with images like this one. Cute! :)

  2. I have some coffee sentiments around here - I will swap it out.

  3. This is a funny one, haha. That's a good sentiment swap too - awesome how a card theme can be geared in different directions just by a sentiment, huh? Don't sweat the blue on the cup - granny's grandkids stained it with one of their weird "potions" ;)

    That's a funny story about your granny. Mine was in love with Kenny Rogers. For years she wanted him to come and sing "Lady" at her funeral when she died. Alas, it wasn't meant to be! But she lived a very accomplished and loving life, much like your grandma, I'm sure. Thanks for sharing!