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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Girly Soldier Card

There are several people in my life who I have "met" on line. Some I have seen in person, some have become true friends. One of these friends shares my ...we'll call it passion, not obsession, for OWH cards. She also has a daughter who is active duty. Her daughter is in training for a short time without any connection to electronics. I remember when my daughter was in boot camp how much she missed Facebook and the www.
Well, this friend has asked us crafty folks to make a card to send to her daughter. I asked her - what is the daughter's favorite color/style - mom said, she is a girly girl in camo... I can make that card;) A girly girl in camo holds a special place in my heart, too.
This card was made with one of my coveted Kanban card toppers. To really glam it up, I added a wild orchid craft pearl brad at the top of the dress form, a sheer ribbon and super fab tulle skirt. To make it special, I added a hand made flower from a swap the three of us (the mom requesting, her solider daughter and myself) are all in. Kind of the only way I could send her a little touch of home.

Now, I don't know this girl at all - and I made a HUGE card! I didn't know what to write... so I added a little window inside with a matching tag so it didn't look so empty with my few words. I mostly wanted to just say, THANK YOU - both of you. Your sacrifices are so very appreciated.


  1. Katie, you have brought tears to my eyes! This is a fabulous card!! She is going to LOVE it! I smiled as I read your post, because just yesterday, I told my husband that you were one of those people that I knew right away, we would be fast and furious friends! Thank you!!!!

  2. this is beautiful! cool idea to add the skirt/tutu!!

    sandi is going to love it!!

  3. This is gorgeous, Katie! Sandi Is going to have a lot of jealous people around her ;).