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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Summer Lovin'

  I am super excited to be here with my first Basically Bare Design Team project.  I recently took a winter get away to Key West and wanted to put this picture from the sunset in Mallory Square in a frame.... but not just any frame :)
I started with this one, which was shiny
So, I roughed it up a little bit- some sandpaper took the shine off.  I wanted to make sure the papers would adhere well.  Then I added a thick layer of Gesso to help with the 'purchase'.
I deco'd on little strips of a bright colored paper, but it was just a bit too garish for what I wanted.  My design team good box had some Art Anthology Viridian and it brought just the right amount of sea and sparkle to tone down those colors.  Here, you can see the difference.

This trip was super fun and I wanted the frame to show that off.  And the Basically Bare Camera chipboard piece was perfect!  I started with another thick coat of Gesso and layered on some Velvet Dimensional Paint in Tango.  Then I took some stickers from the paper collection and put the on in a 'stripy' way, to mimick the paper technique.
That was also given a coat of the Viridian.
Lastly, I used the circle that was set into the camera to give a bit of a title - and that paint is called Mermaid... no lie!  I said all weekend in the Keys I was a Mermaid, I just had to laugh when I saw that.

Here is the finished piece.  I am really happy with the mosaic/grunginess of this frame and love looking at it thinking of what a great time was had.
I put up a video with the final piece if you'd like to see it up close and personal   final

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