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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Pretty bags

I just love pretty gift bags.  For me, the making of the bag is part of the gift itself.  Remember the boat card from a few weeks ago - this is the gift bag that went with it.  The parents are from India, but their little bundle was born here in Chicago... so I bought him a little Cubs outfit.  Regardless of his heritage - he is a Chicago Native too.
I used a doily, which I almost never do for boys, but a baby can handle it :) Another one of those dimensional stickers.  That was layered on some paper from my stash. Then I made a super fun bow out of Momma's Mesh and secured it with some Caddy Blue Rumple Ribbon Get yours here


  1. I wholeheartedly agree - making a gift bag is half the fun and your treat is wonderful - love how you made a dynamic bow with Mama's Mesh and then tied it up with LBC Rumple Ribbon!!

  2. Oh this is so fun!!! Gift bags all prettied up are the best!!! Love this and the BIG Mama's Mesh Bow and Rumple Ribbon middle!!! Fabulous idea!!!

    Bug hugs,