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Friday, September 13, 2013

Girly Rumple Ruffles

A couple of my girl friends had birthdays this week and we threw a HUGE party to celebrate!  We all came together over book club and I am so happy to know these ladies.  I wanted to make something special to really capture the last year we had together, all the dinners, drinks, books and laughs.
So, I decided an exploding box mini would be just the way to do that.
Of course, my new favorite ribbon was the star!!
On the lid here, I used Chevron Junkie behind my paper flowers.  The blue and yellow matched this My Mind's Eye paper collection perfectly.
Inside, I really liked that the rumple ribbon didn't add too much volume because that is so important in this kind of mini.  I tied a little piece of Simple White in a twine bow.  It added a nice texture and feminine look I think.
I am just loving being a part of this Creative Team - please take a minute and see some of what others are also working on!!


  1. I adore this and I bet your friends did too!! What an awesome way to keep track of all the fun things you did together!!!

    Bug hugs,

  2. I'm curious, what size is a mini explosion box? It's been a while since I made one, which I thought was the regular size. Now I'm wondering... and what size are the photos in your mini? I belong to a book club too and this is a great idea. They must have been thrilled!

    1. The outside sheet is 12x12 then 11x11 and 10x10. I follow a video on you tube to make the base. That makes the photo about 3x3 - 2.5x2.5 I use the collage option on to print them

  3. Thanks - that's the same size I've used, thought maybe mini meant even smaller, which means the photos would be really small. The tip about using the collage option is really helpful. I think next year is #10 for my scrapbook club - wouldn't these be great commemorative gifts at Christmas?!!

  4. Love this lil box!! Great job!!