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Friday, March 23, 2012

Gift Bag for a Party Girl

My dear friend lost her mind.  She decided to throw a birthday sleep over for her ten year old daughter.  She agreed to have 9 other 10year old's sleep over… in addition to her 3 year old, 7 year old and a friend of the 7 year old.  She is NUTS!  She called me in near tears and said “Katie, I need you, please say you will come help.”  You can’t tell crazy no… so I hopped on a train on a working Saturday… to ‘help’. 
I was in charge of the craft project and will show that in a later post.  But here I have the gift bag I made for the birthday girl.  Just a simple pink bag I dressed up a bit.
I started by cutting a piece of black card stock to the width of the bag and used a pretty ek success edger for a lacey effect.  Next I layered on a fun pink zebra sheet of Recollections patterned paper topped off with a great piece of rose ribbon trim that was a gift from a crafty friend.
I have such a crush on pendants right now and couldn’t resist adding one for her on this bag.  I used a Stampin Up punch and embossed her name in silver.  I just love that effect.  The silver embossing powder comes out almost like a silver leaf effect.  Because I like her so much I took the time to add little eyelets so the black twine wouldn’t wear the holes thin.
Once the banner was on I started on a little treat.  I have some bottle caps with a pin back and thought if I made a cute one she could put it on a back pack or something.  I had a pink zebra push pin (don’t act surprised… I have more animal print than is legal in some states).  I chopped the back off of that and used it as the bottom layer in the cap.  Next I added a star shaped button and quite a few little clear and silver beads that don’t show up too well in the photo.  Once I had everything I wanted in the bottle cap I filled it up with glossy accents.  When it dried I took one large ribbon flower (same great friend) and pinned the cap on so she could remove it later.
I really wanted the bag to look finished and planned so I added a layer of black tulle in with the pink tissue.  I think the bottle cap was more of a hit than the actual gift!

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  1. Wow. You do have a great friend, to give you such crafty goodness. :)

    That bag is totally cute! I might have to case that for one of Sarah's birthday presents next month. She loves pink!