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Friday, December 9, 2011

Craft Room Organization today!

This didn't take 20 minutes but I think it will make a big difference when I need to pull out these supplies later on.  

You know those boxes that are just bigger than a 12X12 pad and about 2-3 inches deep? I bought them for going to scraps and things. Today, I packaged up all my christmas paper, stamps, bling, stickers, even the scraps!! - everything and put in one. Halloween in another. And pets in a third. I rarely use these things, and this should get them out of the way - and when Halloween comes next year - maybe my supplies will fresh (since I haven't seen em all year) and I won't buy more. This needs to be proven, I agree ;)
What about Christmas in July you say?? The box is all together - even one MORE reason to get them packaged up together.
I only have three of these for now - Halloween, Christmas and pets seems to make sense for me.  Wedding stuff I can always use for OWH and Baby - well we know I am a bit baby crazy in my world these days, so that stays close!
Tell me your best off season orgainzational tip?


  1. I use the same thing...except I'm a bit of a paper hoarder and have 6 of those full of Christmas paper/embellishments. I also have one for Thanksgiving/Fall, Halloween, and Valentines/Love. It makes it so much easier to find what I need when I need those specific themes.

  2. I've been sorting my paper, etc. in the ArtBin boxes for a few years now. I have Halloween, Valentine's/Love, Birthday, Christmas (which is in a deep Art Bin and may need a 2nd deep ArtBin to corral it all as it's overflowing and won't close), and for scrapbooking my daughter's stuff I have one labeled Soccer and another labeled School.

    For my cardstock scraps, I use those large 12x12 sized (actually a bit bigger) accordion files. I have two and they are sorted by color behind each tab. I find the accordion file easier to go through than the ArtBin boxes - less digging and already sorted by color.

    My current mission is to tame my ribbon. I took an unofficial survey at the last scrapbook retreat I went to by walking around and snooping into people's supplies to see how they store their ribbon. It was either like mine (all thrown in one box and a huge mess), wrapped on embroidery floss cards (I don't like this because ribbon gets too kinked) OR in those little rectangular bags with the holes all around so that little pieces of each one sticks out. I wasn't thrilled with any of those, so I found an ArtBin box that is shallow with lots of little movable dividers. I'm in the process (taking way longer than I imagined) of taking all of my ribbon off the spools and tidying it up and sorting it by color in each of the divider sections.