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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Daddy's Girl has still got it!!

So - I turned 29 again. I figure, I am so good at it- and I always have a ball - why not keep turning 29!
This year I threw myself a whopper of a party and even invited my parents.
I had birthday orders ready for them. I asked my mom for a curtain for my in process will someday be decorated office. And I asked my dad for a peg board to store scissors and tape and free up some valuable desk space while I craft.
I told him what size and that if at all possible I would really like it in zebra print. He looked a little dubious, but I am his daughter. And in my family that still packs a punch.
Two days before my birthday my parents show up at my party. (My mom didn't have the curtain ready, if you knew her you wouldn't be surprised)
My daddy, however, showed up with a tool kit and this SUPER COOOOOL hand painted (pun intended) peg board.
I love being a girl.
Now - you have to imagine that it is on a bright pink wall, because the walls will be pink one day. Right after my mom finished the curtain.

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